AVP Advantage Plus Membership Program is created to deliver discounted services to businesses that have a need for constant Media/Literature exposure. This membership offers the same professional quality services at discount prices because of the consistency of the services needed. To order click the logo below.

Helping Your Bottom Line

Discounted Services And Products:
Your membership is the gateway to the same services but at the discounted Membership savings.  ALL AVP members once enrolled are automatically able to save 15-25% in services being rendered. 

Price Matching:
Clients can also take advantage of our price-matching guarantee. As a member, we will match any sales offer or beat any regular price offered by any company up to 10 percent. Conditions do apply. All companies must have printed or digital listed prices and be licensed professionals. Services and products being matched must be exactly the same in quality and delivery.

Saving And Securing Your Projects

Hard Drive Storage:
With this membership, we store your files for you on a dedicated space on our database for quick and easy file recovery. (Up to 2 Gigs.)

Up to 10 Gigs for Gold Members

Advertisement:  A Visual Pro uses its approved clients’ finished product for marketing and advertising purposes.  Through our campaign we select the finest art for presentations, visual acknowledgement and many other areas the may have a need for graphical enhancement.  Advantage Plus Members are usually the choice of our advertisement team. See site for more details.

All Members receives an assigned Company ID which can be used as a discount code. Your Company ID gives you up to 15% off your shopping cart so this discount is only available on online orders.  Telephone orders must be processed for any service not listed on our site. All orders by phone may range from 10 percent off.

Exclusive Specials:  Throughout the year A Visual Pro announces exclusive specials available only for Advantage Plus Members. Advantage Members are also award special offers from Our Gold Members. 

Free Onsite Service: All local members receive 1 hour of onsite services in their 3rd quarter.  See your online agent for details

All Member orders are process as priority service jobs and are shipped accordingly. Although Members have priority shipping (3 day), all rush orders and terms of service regulations are the same as list on our site. See https://avisualpro.com/terms-and-conditions for specific service processes and shipping times.

Fees are charged one time per year for a yearly membership fee. Renewing your membership is usually charged one month before your membership has expired during open enrollment.

Once you have become a member, we will contact you and will assign you or your company an ID. This, along with your business information, will be use to verify Membership and Benefits. Thank you again for choosing A Visual Pro.


We Are Still Adding Membership Level Benefit. Please Be Patient As We Set Everything Up. Feel Free To Contact Us With Any Suggestions Or Concerns. support@avisualpro.com